Iron Palm Training

Some form of Iron Palm Training was once a traditional part of every major style of Chinese Martial Art and is a highly beneficial practice for anyone wishing to develop a powerful strike. This method of Iron Palm conditions all aspects of the hand using internal and external methods, increasing bone density, tendon strength and flesh resilience.

Unlike some inferior methods which desensitise and damage the hands, this method actually increases the sensitivity and softness of the hands and their ability to channel energy, hence is not only very useful for combat but also for the development of healing skills.

This 2-disc DVD set is available NOW with a specially-made Iron Palm Bag and high grade Iron Palm Liniment (Dit Dar Jow) required to practise this method, or on its own. View the trailer above and more free samples and breaking demos by Sifu Lomas and his students below.

Sifu Chris Lomas is a genuine Iron Palm practitioner with over a decade of experience in practicing numerous different methods of Iron Palm. Over the years he has gradually refined this method and for the first time presents this unique and fully developed Complete Iron Palm Method. You can learn The Complete Iron Palm Method without any prior training. Iron Palm training should not be undertaken by anyone under eighteen years old.

DISC ONE (75 mins) includes:
* Building the Iron Palm Bag
* Use of Dit Dar Jow and Chi Kung
* Two Levels of Striking Method
* Advanced Chi Kung and Striking Techniques
* Breaking

DISC TWO (66 mins) includes:
* Applying the Iron Palm in combat
* Blocking / bridgeing Drills
* Control Point Theory
* Testing Structural Power
* Applications to Specfic Situations

Each disc is full of vital information and material – we DO NOT use filler to make up multi-disc boxed sets so they appear to be better value for money.

There are NO bogus claims about how you can use ‘chi’ to overcome your opponents and NO students writhing about on the floor pretending to be knocked out from the slightest of touches or (even no touch)!

Watch some free samples and more breaking demos below:

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Sifu Chris Lomas is a senior disciple of American Sifu James W McNeil learning the systems of XingYiQuan (Mind-Shape Boxing), Ma Wei Qi Bagua Zhang, Jian Shou (Splashing Hands), Zimen (Poison Fingers) and XiaoJiuTian. He also learns from Sifu Philip Starr in the Yiliquan system (a comprehensive method blending Northern Shaolin, XingYiQuan, Chang Bagua and Yang Taiji) and in Taoist martial/cultivation arts under Yu Jin Li of the complete reality sect of taoism.

He is a full time instructor and maintains an intensive personal practice regime, in addition to conducting classes in Manchester, UK